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There is nothing more real than this shoot…..There is no posing, no makeup no frills and no nonsense…it’s simply real. It’s a bundle of emotions that no one can prepare you for. By far this is my most favourite session to shoot and my heart was so filled with awe…..Wow God has really gifted us with such a precious gift of being able to carry a child and to be able to endure all that pain while giving birth and almost instantly being able to stand up afterwards and just go on as if nothing major just happened!!!! Hyla opted for a home birthing experience and she was assist by Emerentia Brueton from Homegrown Babies and Dr Mark Barry. Looking back on this day will always be a fond memory and all the emotions that go with it. As I arrive I am met with the excitement of the children meeting their new little sibling that they have waited so long to meet. Hyla is just such a strong woman….while speaking she almost apologises as she goes through a contraction never giving a groan or a sign of discomfort……Rentia is however so finely tuned in that not one goes by without her rubbing or assisting Hyla through it.  The room is ready for Nova Grace to arrive…..Hyla carries on through her contractions as if nothing really much is happening…..and for those of you who know her….she really is a busy body!!!! The children are free to roam in and out checking in on mom ever so often. Gavin brings in the much needed tea every so often and makes sure that the little army is fed (we had a whole selection of food after the birth-Thanks Gav!!!). Trusty Sadie stays glued to her moms side…she knows something is up and she is definitely no going anywhere……there is evidence of her in most of the photographs. Rentia is never rushed….this is a thing that I really do love about her….she is quite happy to let nature takes its course as she is merely a vessel helping with this birth. She is always calm and nothing goes by that her eye doesn’t catch. As the time gets nearer you can see that the pain intensifies but  not because Hyla is complaining but, you can just feel it in the atmosphere. Everyone gets into their own zones and I can hear Rentia helping Hyla through …..its almost like the rest of the world kinda zooms out for a moment and you get to capture the moment that happens so fast it’s almost over in a flash. I can feel tears running down my cheeks and I hold my breath for a moment waiting for Nova Grace to take her first breath.  Hyla’s face changes immediately when she hears that first cry from a face of worry to immediate relief and happiness. It’s a moment that I Have captured and am able to share today.  I believe that it was an awesome experience to be able to show the children what a baby looks like after birth and Hyla’s children were very fortunate to be part of the birthing of their little sister. Thanks for trusting me with your birthing session.





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