Family-McGuire- White River Family Photography


This family touch my heart because I can just imagine that when your children get this big and they are ready to leave the nest I think one of the first things you need to make sure of is that your family photographs are updated. Norman junior is off to spread his wings and I am sure that this mommy is missing her boy big time. Family sessions to me are so important and yes I realize they don’t capture a life time of events but they do capture your family at a certain time in life. People always say ooh well come when my children’s teeth are out, or I don’t want to cos I need to lose weight but for me we need to capture the now before its too late. Zelna and Norman have raised two Gorgeous boys both inside and out. Julle kan regtig trots wees op julle seuns…..mooi maniere en liefde wat jy kan raak sien. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a boy thats not shy to give his mom a hug and a kiss….its flippen awesome!!!!

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