Family-Olivier-Nelspruit Family Photography


Vicus, Tanja, Waldo, Renier and little Jankie are such a pleasure to photograph because I first photographed them as a family while Tanja was still pregnant with Janke. One thing I love is that children all have their own personalities and if they aren’t up for photographing you can pretty much move the world but they will still not budge and I know this is sooo frustrating for mommies cos we want picture perfect photographs but I always think of it asmaking memories and that in 20 years from now it….you are going to say aaaaah remember this day ……jinne you were so angry and didn’t want to take photographs and then you are going to laugh about it!!!!! From Jankie…..this was such a day……..but there in between all the shots her cutie smiles came out and c!!!!!

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