Nelspruit Family- Dinarte & Melissa – Nelspruit Family Photography

EEEEEkkkkk…..Is it possible to have one family with such flippen amazingly gorgeous eyes???? Holy smokes its so warm right now isn’t it? In Nelspruit we have 3 days of spring and we step right into summer with the max being 34 today on the 14th day of spring…….so if its this hot right now can you imagine what February will bring??? Melissa as most people will reconise is the creative soul from Violet Rose in Illanga Mall. Her designs are exquisite and original. Her company name is derived form daughters Kara Violet and little Milla Rose. This is one gorgeous family…..Soooo I really am a sucker for eyes…..and the family have amazing blue, green and brown eyes all featured in this one family. Dinarte and I were at school together and I can remember him as being a reserved kinda guy which hasn’t changed one bit…….thanks for joining the girls for this session……priceless memories created……

MUA: Elscha: Blazing Beauty


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