Nelspruit Maternity photography-Van Biljon-  Milkbath Maternity


So when your family is in the building business you get to do a Milkbath session in a house that doesn’t even have water yet…let alone warm water……but if you want it bad enough you and your photographer end up boiling lots and lots of kettles to make the icy water just about bearable. Jinne but did the two of us have a superb morning with none stop talking….We love the way the rough look of the building site is a total contrast to the soft milky look. We really have to give a huge thanks to Andries who probably thinks Anja has meet her match in me when it comes to craziness cos he didn’t once say Nooo…….I suppose thats what love does….it doesn’t try to understand it simply just lets crazy be…..We had a load of fun doing this session…….LOVE MY CLIENTS that become FAMILY!!!!


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