Nelspruit Family- Van Biljon- Mbombela Family Photography

This family needs no introduction to my Blog….One of my favourite families  the Van Biljon’s joined me for a mini family shoot to update their family photographs. When last have you done your family Photographs???  Little Runien turned 3 this month and I have really loved watching her get bigger….I love seeing a squishy baby suddenly able to talk and walk. I love just watching and thinking that they still have so much to learn and even at my age we still have soooo much to learn. I think you get to learn something from every person you meet.  Anja has a heart of gold and she helped me through a few difficult years with my boy Kyle. She and her mom were there for me when I really needed someone to talk me through the difficult days. Since then I too have been able to help others through the difficult days. My heart for children with challenges definitely far exceeds how I ever thought I would feel for children. It has really made me realise that God has his hand in EVERYTHING!!!!! Runien and Ruwan are two gorgeous balls of energy….




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