About Me

Hi I am Eunice Nieuwenhuis. I am a full time professional portrait, newborn and wedding photographer situated in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. I studied Graphic design and Photography.

I really have sooo much to be thankful for in my life. Its not everyday you get to live your dream of photographing people and the love that exists between them. God gives everyone a gift and I do believe that capturing people’s memories is mine. I have the privilege of having my whole family (whom really support me) live in or around Nelspruit. I am blessed with a husband that loves me and two wonderful children whom God has entrusted to me to love, nurture, protect and in return I receive unconditional love. I LOVE the smell of rain, cold winters, a hot cup of sweet tea and the sound of giggling children. Lord, Thank You for putting me on an amazing journey where I get to capture love, life and happiness every day.

I am me, and by the grace of God I strive to be a better me every day. I am based in Nelspruit but am willing to travel. I don’t wanna be the best, I wanna be the best photographer God wants me to be.

Please have a look at my blog for my latest work.